Small update for Hierarchical Category Filter module for Joomla! 2.5.

Fixed couple bugs and updated mooOptionTree library to latest version.

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15 Comments to “ Hierarchical Category Filter (2012.04.11) module for Joomla ”

  1. Just Dior says:

    Can it implent to costum table and the result in content as a grid

    • Fedik says:

      try assign result to the menu item with the category blog layout and change joomla style for this …

      search result displayed by the joomla Content component, so you can do any what you liked ;)

  2. edvardas says:


    nice module. but I have an issue. categories are ordered randomly, not alphabetically.
    can you advice what to do?

  3. edvardas says:


    when you plan to release next version?

  4. edvardas says:

    or, can you tell me in which file this function described? I will try to do it myself, thank you.

    • Fedik says:

      good question ;)
      when will have some more free time …

      not so simple explain where need to fix it…
      the categories loaded using JCategories Class with ordering by “order”, but JavaScript change it to “by id” .. only in Firefox and IE should be good

  5. edvardas says:

    I think, I will wait until you fix it, I do not have knowledge with Js.

  6. edvardas says:

    how are you?
    do you planing to update module? :)

  7. edvardas says:

    thanks a lot, Fedik :)
    working fine

  8. Ingy Anees says:

    Thanks for this nice module, well done.
    Please is there a way to have different placeholders (same as labels idea but as placeholders) instead of the default one “Choose…” ?

    • Fedik says:

      no, but you can try add language override for MOD_HCATFILTER_MAKE_CHOOSE for change “Choose ..” to something else

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