Нова версія Hierarchical Category Filter модуля для Joomla!

В цій версії:

  • Joomla! 2.5 більше не підтримується
  • використовується jQuery замість Mootools

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15s коментарів to “ Hierarchical Category Filter (2015.05.26) модуль для Joomla ”

  1. Pietr коментує:

    Are you planning to release an update for Joomla 3? HCAF stops working properly on J3.

  2. Manoj коментує:

    About hierarchical category filter:

    Articles from one category is not displaying more than 5 on the web page, even when there are more than 8 articles under the category! There is no page wise split also showing on the page. can we do anything on this to increase or making to unlimited display of number of articles? I have also sent you a mail regarding the same. Expecting early response. Thanks in advance and Kudos to the team for this wonderful module!!

  3. Bruce коментує:

    Hello, I like this module, but I would like to be able to show the content of the select change below the select list via a jquery for example instead of having to click submit to be directed to the content, can you help ?

  4. John коментує:

    Hello, congratulations for the module.
    Can you help me with some changes?
    I have 3 categories and I want to show all the check boxes but to be disabled until you select the first category.
    Like in this picture.

  5. Sbob коментує:

    Hi, great work.
    I would use hierarchical category filter in virtuemart, how i can do?
    Many thanks.

  6. Michael коментує:

    Does this extension still maintained ??

  7. Antonio Bryant коментує:

    Hello sir, it is possible to get the filter button on the same line as the drop down fields. I know this was developed a while ago, but it is still very useful. I can pull it off with css, but thats not really the way…perhaps there is a break i can remove somewhere? thanks in advance.

  8. Refacil коментує:

    Is it possible to add a last menu with articles from that category?

    Is it possible to go to the article without clicking filter?

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