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Strangely, that not written about it before :)
So, now almost all sites use a couple social buttons from a different social networks. And you may be interesting how to make it work, social buttons with AJAX.

I have a few tips.

Good news for AddFullAjax plugin and JComments component users. As you know, after installing the plugin AddFullAjax – JComments refused to work. The reason is the same as with LightBox.

To make this work, you need a small AddFullAjax configuration, somthing like for LightBox.

So just add next in plugin configuration :

FLAX.Html.onall('load', function(options){
  if(window.JCommentsInitializeForm &&'comments-form')){

that’s all ;)

Using the library FullAjax can face the fact that other scripts (eg LightBox) refuse to work or its not working correctly. The reason these scripts from which refuse to work is very simple – they are not quite designed to works with AJAX.

How can fix it I try describe in a few lines below …

FullAjax library allows you to update more than one container through the implementation of it with two models of request – one request for one block and one request for multiple blocks. In the plugin Add FullAjax (2011.01.10) this feature is used to update the “Breadcrumbs” module. Of course instead of the “Breadcrumbs” module you can use any other, but only one – this is due to the fact that now I have not thought how to automate the setup process to upgrade several modules. Below a little instruction how to configure the update several modules through Ajax.

As already known, JavaScript library FullAjax the ability to easily implement Ajax technology for your site without additional knowledge JavaScrip. You need only basic knowledge of HTML and in some cases change the logic in the server-side of the site. So here are some basic points will describe the implementation of this library.

Download latest version of the library (can here) and connect it to the site.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/fullajax.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  //here configuration for fullajax

Next you must (more…)

HAX – one of a function of FullAjax, used for request and automatic processing a HTML (HtmlAjaX) — this is AHAH support (Asynchronous HTML and HTTP).

Example using HAX:
In the element id = ‘my-div’ is loaded page ‘index.html’ with using AJAX history.

hax({url:'index.html', id:'my-div'})

In the element id = ‘my-div’ is loaded page ‘index.html’ without using AJAX history. After it will appears message ‘Hey!’.

hax({url:'index.html', id:'my-div', nohistory:1, onload:function(){

List of HAX options: (more…)