Нова версія Add FullAjax для Joomla! (2013.11.23).

В цій версії:

  • виправлено сумісність Joomla! 3.2
  • оновлено бібліотеку FullAJAX до останньої версії
  • ільш детальний опис для налаштування


27s коментарів to “ Add FullAjax plugin for Joomla! (2013.11.23) ”

  1. wilderaven коментує:

    Great work. This plugin rocks.

    I was using this great plugin with joomla 2.5 and it worked great with the template and all the modules and plugins.

    Now i am trying to use it on joomla 3.2 and noticed that my side menu stoped working. I use Accordeon Menu CK. It works on the first page but all from the second page on the accordeon stops working.

    It is configured in the fullajax plugin with the update position and uses the Menu css ID for active.

    I’ve tried several thing but no luck. For now my site is on xamp and local only.


  2. nimo коментує:

    Hello, great extension indeed, but I’ve detected a problem on joomla 3.2.1 when addFullAjax is enabled, it seems that k2 rss links return the link you are looking for does not exist, i was using gavick template when i detected that error, didnt test it on other templates. How can i solve this problem?

  3. Nekkua коментує:

    I cant manage to have the plugin working with jch optimize.
    Do you already know this issue and have any idea what configuration to do to solve it ?


  4. Rusty коментує:

    Hey me again…

    Can you tell me how to make google maps work on the contact page??


  5. wilderaven коментує:

    Hello again Fedik.

    After solving my problem with the menus i came across an issue with the size of the content.
    As you can see every time you change content on the side menu, the footer stays on the same place, and on smaller content the page is huge :)

    The HTML5 history and the User-side-cache are enabled. I have tried to disable them and it works with the HTML5 history off but the #ajx on the address isnt what i wanted.

    Is there a hack for this issue?

  6. Mauricio Pereira коментує:

    I there.
    I’ve an issue with the back / forward browser buttons, they don’t work!
    The content is loaded normally, the menu .active class is added correctly, but the browser’s history buttons doesn’t work. The address line changes, but the content isn’t loaded!
    I’m using joomla!3.3.0 and tested in chrome.

    • Fedik коментує:

      hi, can you check if there any javascript error in the browser console?
      also try disable the animation in the plugin configuration, with this can be problem in J3.3 in some cases

      • Mauricio Pereira коментує:

        Disabled the animation and it still doesn’t work.

        console error: message: “Cannot read property ‘x’ of undefined” in fullajax.min.js line 15

      • Fedik коментує:

        strange, also there “scrollup” option, try disable this also :)

        unfortunately I cannot help more without checking on the site,
        send me link (here or via email) to your site

      • Mauricio Pereira коментує:

        The site is still in development in a local server!
        I’ll try install it on the webserver.

      • Mauricio Pereira коментує:

        disabled the scrollup option and still doesn’t work.
        error message: “$$ is not defined” in line 741 in the .js uncompressed file

      • Mauricio Pereira коментує:

        I’ve got differente templates for each menu item.
        I noticed that the error only happens in the menu items directed to a single article!
        if the menu item is directed to a categoy blog there is no error!

  7. Mauricio Pereira коментує:

    line 741 in the .js uncompressed version

  8. Роман коментує:

    Делаю сайт на joomla 2.5. Столкнулся с проблемой условий:
    1 Если на сайте есть колонки левая или правая, то грузится блок #content
    2 Если колонок нет, то грузим блок #content-full
    Можно этот момент как-то настроить?

    • Fedik коментує:

      Для палгіна потрібно щоб всі блоки були на сторінці, в іншому випадку він просто не буде знати куди додавати новий контент.
      На рахунок #content-full, то бажано щоб завжди було щось одне, або #content-full або #content … як поєднати, не уявляю :)

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