Hierarchical Category Filter module for Joomla! 2.5.

This module allows you to place on the page block with hierarchical select lists for categories filtering in. Also can be couple blocks with different categories tree.

Main features:

  • construction the dependent < select > of categories lists
  • allows set own label for each < select >
  • can be couple blocks with different categories tree
  • assign result to some menu item

For build the dependent select lists module use the Mootools plugin mooOptionTree


->Newest version available<-

9 Comments to “ Hierarchical Category Filter (2012.04.01) module for Joomla ”

  1. caragui says:

    where can I download the mooOptionTree pluging?

  2. Jose Ramon says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for your work. Is it posible to filter categories and show only these that have any articles? how can i do it? thanks again

  3. Guillermo A. says:

    May you help me please… i’m trying to use your module… but i cant see any option in the page… I mean… I have instaled the module, and is publishe but I just can see the filter and the search… please is realy urgent

  4. Mariusz says:

    Is it possible to change the filter category in the filter tags/keywords of the articles?
    If so, how?

  5. I just found the Hierarchical Category module and have two questions.

    1) Can the category begin at very TOP of category tree and drill down through ALL sub-categories?

    2) Can this ability to select from hierarchical categories be added to the CREATE ARTICLE, CATEGORY dropdown?

    My use of the site is for very complex business information needs, many layers deep. Your component would be great for helping users choose WHERE to SAVE their articles, rather than where to LOCATE their articles.


    skype ‘micklebt’

    • Fedik says:

      about 1) all should work like you told, with current version … or I not very understand what you mean :)
      about 2) current module will not work there, for this need write new plugin + also can be need some hack of joomla … but not very imagine how it can make :)

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