Update for VirtueMart Boh! Category Filter module for Joomla! 2.5/Virtuemart 2.x

In this version:

  • allow define root category for current filter
  • can be couple blocks with different categories tree
  • small optimization :)

Let me remind that the module allows you to display block with hierarchical select lists for categories filtering in Virtuemart 2.

->Download <-

19 Comments to “ VirtueMart Boh! Category Filter (2012.06.01) ”

  1. Максим says:

    Устанавливается на J2.5 VM 2.0.6 но не отображается в Модулях.

    Подскажите причину.

  2. Максим says:

    Действительно помогло! )))

  3. Collin says:

    I love your extension.
    The categories are not in the same order as in Virtuemart.
    How can I fix this?


    • Fedik says:

      hehe .. good question ;)
      try edit helper.php that in the module folder, and uncomment there next:


      and ordering should be by ordering…

      not remember why I commented it :)

  4. Thomas says:

    Hi, nice module! But it doesn’t show any VM categories. What went wrong?

    Version: mod_virtuemart_bohcatfilter_2012.06.01.zip

  5. Thomas says:

    LOL… weather here is good :)
    What can it be?

  6. collin says:

    You helped me with the cache by sending me a upgrade of the extension.
    And you told me that I have to enable the cache in joomla.
    But when I do that it is going fast but one thing does not work optimal.
    When I’m browsin gin the extension on the front and i click on the filter, the filter falls back and when I disable cache It stays in the position where I was browsing. What can I do if im enable cache and stay in posision what i have searching for.


    • Fedik says:

      you need enable cache for Joomla! but disable for current module .. check the advanced module configuration ;)

  7. Thomas says:

    It’s working on the testwebsite I’ve just set up.
    But I have just one single question about the ordering of the categories in the dropdown list.

    The module orders on category id instead of alphabetically. How can we, satisfied builders hehe, get this done?


    BTW: The weather is still good here in The Netherlands ;-)

    • Fedik says:

      about ordering check 5 comment in this page ;)
      but this will work only in Firefox and IE, in other will be by id … maybe in future I try find how to fix it ;)

  8. Thomas says:

    Thanks your your quick answer! It worked in IE and Firefox, and also on IOS (Safari).

    Sounds great, than I will make a donation :)
    This point is important for our company.. Looking forward to see this on the changelist ;)

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