New version of VirtueMart Boh! Category Filter module for Joomla! 2.5/Virtuemart 2.x

New in this version:

  • added categories ordering in dropdown list
  • added possibility use AJAX for load subitems
  • added caching
  • small optimization :)

Remarks about caching:
If you want use caching, to all worked correctly, you need to enable caching in general settings Joomla! and disable it in the settings of this module.

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52 Comments to “ VirtueMart Boh! Category Filter (2012.08.11) ”

  1. Kevin says:

    Your Category filter works well thanks!
    But I have a problem
    When I use filter, the filter works but the filter module itself disappears.
    I suspect maybe template issue?

    Im not very good at programming, but if you can point me in the right direction?


    • Fedik says:

      if with the configuration and with the template all good then songs like some JavaScript error … check the browser console

  2. Kevin says:

    The module disappears after use.
    I realized it probably wasn’t shown, because it isn’t assigned to that ‘results’ page.
    I verified this by assigning it to all pages. When assigned to all pages, it shows up on the results page, but using any other setting, even to all pages except selected doesn’t work.

  3. Boris says:

    Please add demo for your extension at JED or here

  4. Paul says:

    Hi. Can you tell me how to change the words “Make Choose….” in the menu, as I cannot see how. Thanks :)

  5. Haan says:

    Hi Fedik,

    Great module.
    Is that possible to hide a virtuemart category?

    Besides, can it load automatically without click on the “filter” button?


    • Fedik says:

      no, there no any filter for hide category…
      about second question, I not sure that it is good idea, but it possible in theory ;)

      • Игорь says:

        I join question 2.How can you call the filter via the drop-down list of categories?

  6. Mikkel Olsen says:


    I have modified the module so that the form is sent via POST instead of GET.
    This way it now creates SEO URLs and this is very important because I have more than 6k categories where every SEO-url is being pre-cached with a cache-warmer.

  7. Денис says:

    Вопрос – как заменить текст “Make choose…” на “Válasszon termékkategóriát…”?

  8. Модуль очень востребован! Искал такой модуль давно, наконец нашел, но… После установки модуля на VM 2.0.24 вместо выпадающего меню выдает “Строка в базе данных пуста.”. Что править? Спасибо!

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