New version of the Add FullAjax plugin for Joomla! (2016.03.25).

In this version:

  • fixed critical issue in compatibility with Joomla! 3.5
  • update FullAJAX library to 1.3.4


8 Comments to “ Update for plugin Add FullAjax plugin for Joomla! (2016.03.25). ”

  1. martine says:

    thanks for your good idea!
    i have a little problem in create rss feed in my category list, the url of my rss do not generate xml, the page report this error: ” 0 Property _template_tags does not exist”.
    can you help me?

    • Fedik says:

      it looks like bug in the plugin, need to check more

    • RomyS says:

      Hi Fedik and Martin .. I have this problem too, had you fixed it?

      • RomyS says:

        Can we exclude URLs that end in ‘?format=feed’? I tried putting it in FLAX.Filter.add({url:’?format=feed’, type:’nowrap’}); but it does not work …

  2. Hello,
    i love your plugin.

    Is it possible to deactivate modules on different pages?

    So, on the “home” page, there is a slideshow, but on the next page this smodule should not be displayed. But on the “home” page again the module must be displayed again.

    Like in normal Joomla usage. Is this possible?

    Thank you.

    • Fedik says:

      yes, there is the menu configuration tab, there you can set which menu item to ignore, or on which page disable the plugin

  3. Nikos says:

    Really it is a great plugin!!! , I have one issue in my ,website back and forward browser buttons seems to not working but as I can see in your website demo works fine , please advise.
    Thanks in advance for your answer

    • Fedik says:

      Hard to say why do not work in your case. Maybe you have some other script that use History API, and interrupt ‘popstate’ event somehow.

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