Update for the Add FullAjax plugin for Joomla! (2012.10.14).

What in this version:

  • Joomla! 3.0 ready
  • updated FullAJAX library to latest version
  • fix problem with CSS links, when all links was converted in lowercase
  • fix (I hope :)) “Error 500″ that occurred with some templates
  • fix “/null” after click back in some cases


54 Comments to “ Add FullAjax plugin for Joomla! (2012.10.14) ”

  1. Shure says:

    Возникла проблема с фотками в VM2
    Включаю плагин и фото в товаре начинают открываться не в окошке а на пустом фоне. Приходится нажимать “назад” чтобы вернуться в карточку товара. Причем через раз. Не могу найти закономерность. Включаю Firebug и все становится нормально. Выключаю – через раз.

  2. Miguel Luis says:

    Good night everyone, i’m having problems using this together with a Widgetkit Gallery, the Slideshow works just fine but the gallery doesn’t work.

    The URL from the site i’m talking about is this one, http://www.lusopixel.pro/j3 i’m using Joomla! 3.0.3 with Widgetkit Slideshow and a Gallery on the gallery link.

    I nedd urgent help since i tried many things from this page but none have worked, looking forward to receive an answer, thanks everyone in advance.

  3. Carmen Borrelli says:

    Hi. I must commend you for your work in creating the great Joomla extension Add FullAjax! I was just wondering if you could give me some pointers on what type of template customization will not work with the extension. I know how to create Joomla templates from scratch and have noticed that it works perfectly with the standard templates packed with Joomla 2.5. I typically use some version of the OneWeb template by Seth Warburton and would like to customize it to work with Add FullAjax. I will probably start with one of the standard templates, get the extension working with it, and then customize the template to my liking to see what breaks the extension. But any info you could give me on what particular aspects of a Joomla 2.5 template must be in place in order for it to work would be helpful and greatly appreciated. The library is quite impressive and I would like to use it on my projects. Thanks for you time and assistance in advance. I will leave a good comment for you on Joomla extensions page!


    • Fedik says:

      hi, it should works without big problem with templates that used the Joomla tags for display positions,in the template index.php, like:

      ... any code
      <jdoc:include type="modules" name="usermenu" style="none"/>
      ... any code
      <jdoc:include type="message" />
      <jdoc:include type="component" />
      ... any code
      <jdoc:include type="modules" name="footer" />
      ... any code

      and without if() statement like:

      <?php if ($this->countModules('position-12')): ?>
      <jdoc:include type="modules" name="position-12" />
      <?php endif; ?>

      because this can make some problem

  4. Hi, congratulations and thank you for such a wonderful plugin.
    I have a slight issue that prevents me from using it. I’ using a Joomla 2.5 packed template (beez5) and it works fine, however, since I want to use it only in a couple of menus that belong to components, when switching from one of this menus to the other, it does not strip the ‘#ajx’ from the url and tries to navigate with it, so switching between two plugin-enabled menus does not work.
    I’m using semi-automatic mode and also tried with automatic, with no position update (no modules), just components.
    So, when I’m at, for example, homepage, which is mydomain/1, I can navigate the associated component with no page reload, but when going to the other plugin-enabled menu which has a similar component, mydomain/2, the link does not work. Links work only when navigating to other menus where plugin is not enabled.
    Bottomline is, I want to enable this plugin only for a component that resides in two different menus, and that’s it.
    Any input will be highly appreciated :)

    • It must be noted that I want ajax only inside each menu, but full reload when switching between plugin-enabled and/or non-enabled menus.

      • Fedik says:

        there is configuration for disable the plugin for a selected menu items

        and you have no chance strip the ‘#ajx’, until you upgrade you browser and/or enable “HTML5 API” in the plugin configuration ;)

      • Thanks Fedik! ok regarding the #ajx, didn’t notice I disabled html5.

        Regarding the other issue, what I would need is to navigate with a full reload between two plugin-enabled menus, right now it is not possible because if I try to navigate to the other menu, it uses ajax to go that menu, but I need a full reload.
        I need the ajax for inside both menus, where I can navigate through the component’s links without reloading the menus. But when switching between each other I need the full reload, not sure if this is possible.

        Another question: what’s the “ignore menus” option for?


      • Fedik says:

        this option is what you need ;)

      • Hi Fedik, I have the “ignore” option enabled for all menus, however, when switching between plugin-enabled menus, ajax is still being used, there’s no full reload. I tried enabling and disabling the ignore option but have the same behavior with both.
        Is there something I may be missing?
        Thanks! :)

      • Fedik says:

        ah, right, it just for menu items … what if try a second option “Do not use FullAjax on”?

  5. If I use that option, ajax just stops working inside the menus. What I need is to keep ajax working inside the menus (for example to navigate through a component) but reload completely when changing menu.

    • Fedik says:

      I mean to try use this for block it for the other pages, where you no need AJAX

      • That works without issues, whenever I select a menu on that second option, ajax stops working both when I go to the menu and inside the menu.

      • Fedik says:

        “ignore menus” – means, ignore the click on a menu item,
        “Do not use FullAjax on” – means, that FullAJAX will not work on selected pages + “ignore menus”

      • Ok, so if I needed to ignore ajax when clicking on a menu, but use ajax inside that same menu?

      • Fedik says:

        “ignore menus” – allow to ignore ajax when clicking on a menu, but use ajax inside :)
        but you told that it not what you want, so I have no idea ;)

      • That’s exactly what I need, thing is that it’s not working :( … I need to ignore ajax when clicking on a menu, but use ajax inside it, so I select it to be “ignored” and do not select it for “do not use ajax”. The result is that ajax is called both when clicking and inside it.
        The “ignore” option is not making any difference when the menu is not marked for “do not use ajax”

      • Fedik says:

        strange, where I can look at it? write me email

  6. Андрій says:

    Привіт. Поставив плагін. Використовую модлуь news show sp2. При використанні addfullajax контент модуля дублюється на всіх сторінках((

    • Fedik says:

      можливо щось не так в налаштуваннях, або щось із шаблоном … потрібно дивитись

  7. Денис says:

    привет еще раз.

    Плагин просто прекрасный, все получилось и работает, кроме одной мелочи. у меня стоит компонент-плагин Commedia. Это плагин голосований (рейтинг) треков на сайте. плагин этот частично тоже пользуется аяксовской техникой, а именно, когда отдаешь голос за трек. он его принимает, пишет в базу данных и апдейтит методом аякса результат без перезагрузки страницы.

    Проблема теперь в том, что как только я AddFullAjax плагин включаю, функция апдейта перестает работать. Результат показывает только при ручной перезагрузке страницы (рефреш).

    Я уже попробовал вставить следующее:

    FLAX.directLink();FLAX.Default.sprt_url = '!';
    FLAX.linkEqual['!ax!'+fullAjaxId+'!'] = 'ajx';FLAX.linkEqual['[~q~]'] = '?';
    FLAX.Html.onall('load', function(){
    FLAX.Html.onall('load', function(){
    function doSomethingAfterFAjxPagLoad (){
    /* fix for mootools 'domready', uncomment if need*/
    /* window.fireEvent('domready'); */

    Но к сожалению безрезультатно… Хелп плиз )))

    • Денис says:

      Может можно вообще для компонента/плагина поддержку аякса отключить? Если есть такая возможность, то как это сделать? Проблема в том, что плагин грузится в контент коммандой


      Получается, что AddFullAjax плагин автоматически действует и на Commedia. Для меня функция “Ignore Menu” или “Выключить для определенных страниц” не подойдет, т.к. сверху на сайте плэйер, который не должен перезагружаться. Если я задействую одну из выше названных функций, то для пункта меню, где находится Commedia, плейер будет перезагружаться.

      • Fedik says:

        попробуй использовать ax:wrap="0", если голосованиє через ссилку тогда:

        <a ax:wrap="0" href="mulink.html" title="My Link" rel="nofollow">My Link</a>

        если форма, тогда:

        <form ax:wrap="0" id="myform">
        <form ax:nowrap="1" id="myform">

        Тогда FullAJAX будет пропускать голосование

  8. sadegh says:

    hi im using this grate plugin. but when i enable this plugin none of my forms work. please help me.

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