Update for the Add FullAjax plugin for Joomla! (2012.10.14).

What in this version:

  • Joomla! 3.0 ready
  • updated FullAJAX library to latest version
  • fix problem with CSS links, when all links was converted in lowercase
  • fix (I hope :)) “Error 500″ that occurred with some templates
  • fix “/null” after click back in some cases


54 Comments to “ Add FullAjax plugin for Joomla! (2012.10.14) ”

  1. Now with your extension I can load the Jomsocial Sharebox one time with ajax loader. In this first time it works nearly perfect. You can upload stuff and so on. But if i try to reload the page again with ajax-loader it does not work anymore. I put off the ajax-cache but it didn´t helped me.

    • Fedik says:

      any error in the browser JavaScript console, after first/second refresh?

      • yeah they are some bugs. You can watch them ins this text file i uploaded:

      • Fedik says:

        bad chose for upload txt .. use http://pastie.org/

      • glob says:

        Subscribe to the foregoing. The problem is that the position of jomsocial uses his, not a template, it can be possible to get to the position jomsocial. INSERTING advertising script in one of the positions jomsocial – just when you first open runs, after going somewhere and back – advertising is not shown, and sharebox just does not work. The groups also does not go through the tabs. I’d like to address this. You can for the money. Thank you – just in case mail – info@cns.ru

      • Fedik says:

        unfortunately I still have no solution for jomsocial

    • Fedik says:

      there a lot from youtube and facebook :)
      for fullajax try disable “use uncompressed” and disable any animation if exist .. check any changes after it

      • i disabled all the facebook and yt stuff but it makes no difference.

        The Jomsocial-Stuff is the last what has these incompatibilitys. if this would work. My site would be complete compatibel and ultra-fast.

        Kunena works like a charm. Eventlist ist good, articles nearly everything. Only Jomsocial has some scriptprobs. If you can find the sollution it would help thounds of communitys.

  2. Art says:

    Подскажите, у меня конфликтует с компонентом widgetkit, (после обновления страницы аяксом виджеткит не работает)

  3. Art says:

    ПОЛУЧИЛОСЬ!!! спасибо большое!!!

  4. Отличный плагин!!! Спасиобо!
    Только в ie 8-9 не переходит по ссылкам. Как быть? в чем проблема? Подскажи пожалуйста!
    С уважением,

    • Fedik says:

      похоже проблема в кириллице в названии домена, пока решения нет. для IE можно отключить так:

      if (FLAX.browser.msie){

      добавить в настройки плагина

      • Shure says:

        А напишите подробней куда это добавить в настройках плагина. Мой уровень не позволяет понять это самому)

    • Спасибо! Помогло, только слайдер теперь в ие не работает. Но это мелочи! Буду ждать решения) Еще раз спасибо!!!

  5. Jaime says:

    Hi, im trying to use this plugin and if i set:
    Enable Positions update: Yes, Automatic

    And Then select my positions it doesnt change.

    i have 2 menu items (Home and News), 1 html module on the position: top-a and it doesnt change when i navigate from Home -> News or News->Home, only the content is changing.

    How can i do that?


  6. Jaime says:

    I also tried to use Enable Positions update: Yes, Manually

    im using warp templates (yootheme) and it change my positions but loss the css, if i copy my template to fullajax_tmpl index.php i dont loss the css but my positions doesnt change


  7. Leonardo Souza says:

    Very good plugin, congratulations.
    However not regarding the distribution of modules. deviriam modules that appear only on the homepage are shown throughout the site

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